On Tuesday 6th December 2016 the Wallace Collection played host to the latest round of scholars’ presentations. Scholars;

Kiri Douglas, Lincoln Uni, BA Conservation & Restoration; placement – practical conservation of social historic objects, Auschwitz Birkenau Museum, Poland. Chloe Pearce, Cardiff Uni, MSc Conservation Practice, placement – conservation archaeological objects, Catalhoyuk Project Turkey. Katharine Waldron, Courtauld Institute, Pgrad Dipl Conservation of Easel Paintings, placement – cleaning modern paints, research on water sensitivity, Talens paints, Cultural Heritage Agency Amsterdam, presented their reports.

The three very different placements were presented to an audience of Trustees and supporters of the ZG Fellowship; we were also joined by conservators Jurgen Huber and John Slight, from the Wallace Collection conservation department, who assisted in setting up the facilities. The scholars presented their reports in a very confident and professional manner; following each presentation the scholars took questions from the floor, which they answered with knowledge and enthusiasm. It was evident from the presentations that the scholars each had an enlightening and enjoyable experience.

It only remains for me to thank all the Wallace Collection staff for their help and support in running this event; special thanks to David Edge, Head of Conservation, for co-ordaining the arrangements.

Paul Tear MBE