What the grants are for

ZGTF is a charity whose purpose is to give financial help to individual students and apprentices who wish to widen their knowledge of conservation and want to travel to countries outside the United Kingdom to study subjects in one of the following fields:

  • Historic buildings
  • Historic designed landscapes and historic gardens
  • Allied trades, techniques, skills and crafts
  • Artefacts and decorative arts

The grants are intended for practical study and conservation work. Grants of between £300 and £2,000 have been awarded. A grant can meet almost all the cost of a study placement or make a contribution.

Before applying for a grant, applicants are responsible for choosing their own subjects and arranging their destination placements. ZGTF encourages applicants to learn new skills and widen their knowledge of their subjects. Preference is given to practical, hands-on projects, carried out under the guidance of a supervisor.

The Trustees look for imaginative and unusual ideas likely to broaden the applicant’s understanding of their subject and widen their horizons.

The deadline for application 2023 is March 10th, with interviews being held w/b 17th April. The grant awards are announced in April/May each year.

Application Form

Who is eligible

To be eligible, applicants should be studying (or have recently been studying), full or part time, for a recognised degree or diploma, or be post-graduates at a university or college, or be in the formative years of their careers. They can also be trade apprentices, trainee architects or trainee landscape architects. There is no age limit.

The awards are open to applicants resident in the United Kingdom; they do not have to be British. If they are not British, their chosen destination for their study should preferably not be their own home country (unless they can demonstrate a convincing reason connected with the field of study).

Applicants must hold a UK bank account.

For “further information on applying for Grants” please click here

For further details, please read the Rules of Eligibility carefully.

Kimberly Reczek working at The Murad Khane, Kãbul, with The Turquoise Mountain Foundation in Afghanistan.