Awards – Rules of Eligibility

The Zibby Garnett Travel Fellowship’s objectives are to help students and apprentices, training in the United Kingdom, to travel outside the United Kingdom to study and gain practical, conservation experience in one of the following subjects:

  • Historic buildings
  • Historic designed landscapes and historic gardens
  • Allied trades, techniques, skills and crafts
  • Artefacts and decorative arts

Awards are open to applicants of any age who are studying (i.e. at university or college or within a year of leaving there) or in the formative years of their careers (i.e. including trade apprentices, trainee architects and trainee landscape architects).

The Fellowship is looking to provide candidates with the opportunity to be inspired and motivated for their future in conservation. The emphasis is on practical work, in preference to pure study/research although primary research trips will be considered. For those in education, preference is given to applicants whose trips are not a requirement of their university or college curricula. Attendance at conferences is no longer eligible.

Applicants must be resident in the UK and must have an active UK bank account. They do not have to be British. If they are not British the chosen destination for their study trip should preferably not be their own home country (unless they can demonstrate a convincing reason connected with the field of study).

Applicants must demonstrate how their course of study will benefit cultural heritage in the UK, either directly through practical conservation or by contributing to the UK’s knowledge base.

Awards are intended for short-term experience of up to three months. Each placement will require appropriate supervision and a detailed practical conservation element. The Fellowship aims to encourage individual initiative and does not fund group travel. Two applicants wishing to attend the same placement should make separate applications.

The awards are not intended for a holiday. However, the Trustees hope that scholars will allow time to explore the history and culture of the country they are visiting.

Application forms are available to download from the website or click here.

Awards are made each year following personal interviews.

Grants are not awarded retrospectively.

Kimberly Reczek working at The Murad Khane, Kãbul, with The Turquoise Mountain Foundation in Afghanistan.