How to apply for a grant

Complete an application form available to download from the website, or click here.

Complete the application form carefully and return all the required supporting documents together to ZGTF by the closing date stated on the front of the application. The closing date for the 2023 grant process will be March 10th @ 5pm. Interviews will be held w/b 17th April 2023.

 Your application should consist of:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Small Photograph
  • Confirmation of your overseas placement that a place is reserved for you
  • Letter of support from your current UK tutor/employer

Contact your destination early making sure it offers the experience you want. If possible reserve a provisional place. Request a letter or email confirming that a place has been reserved for you.

Plan and cost your trip carefully. When preparing your budget you may need to make some assumptions but a grant will not be based entirely on guesses.

ZGTF may not be able to give you all the money you need. If possible find additional sources from other grant makers, family or part-time work.

Please remember:

  • ZGTF does not give grants for placements in the UK
  • The grants are for short term, individual study and are not for attending formal lengthy courses or conferences.
  • The grants are intended for conservation and not for new work
  • Grants will not be considered retrospectively

Interviews and Awards

Every application will be acknowledged.  After the closing date, a shortlist of candidates will be called for interview.

Interviews take place in April usually in London and dependant on distance will be attended in person or via Zoom. You will be notified of the outcome.

The awards are announced by the beginning of May. When you hear you have been successful you should immediately take out travel insurance in case for any reason you later have to cancel your trip, as you would then be responsible for replaying to ZGTF all the grant money you had received.

Grants are paid before your departure, in time to buy flight tickets and other essentials. Up to 10% of the award is held back until your return to the UK. After your trip you are required to give a presentation, submit a written report and account for your expenditure with receipts. Once these requirements are complete the final 10% of the grant will be paid.

The awards are made on the understanding that they are used solely for your placements. If you do not need all the money received, you will be expected to return the rest to ZGTF. You will need to fund any additional pocket money.

Presentation and Written Reports

Within three months of your return, you will be required to:

  • Submit a written report. (Guidelines will be provided)
  • Give a PowerPoint presentation to the Trustees (This may be recorded and/or streamed)
  • Provide a record of expenditure, together with travel ticket and receipts
  • Provide written confirmation from your destination supervisor that you completed the placement.

On completion of these tasks you will be eligible to call yourself a “Zibby Garnett Scholar”. It is hoped you will do this with pride, at every opportunity, e.g. when lecturing, on your curriculum vitae and on published material. The Trustees hope that Scholars will want to raise the profile of ZGTF by telling people about it and the opportunities which it offers.

Kimberly Reczek working at The Murad Khane, Kãbul, with The Turquoise Mountain Foundation in Afghanistan.