The Trustees of the Zibby Garnett Travel Fellowship are proud to announce the 2018 travel awards. There are 11 recipients this year and a total of £11,015 has been awarded.

KAREN GUY – is currently studying The Conservation of Historic Objects at The University of Lincoln. The award will enable her to further her conservation skills at Västarvet, Studio Västsvensk Konservering in Gothenburg, Sweden

JOLANTA TURSA and MIRIAM KLEINGELTINK – are both studying at studying at Camberwell College of Art for an MA in Conservation (Art on Paper) and will be gaining experience in photographic conservation at FOMU Fotomuseum in Antwerp, Belgium.

DAVID PLUMMER – currently studies at West Dean College taking a Graduate Diploma in the Conservation of Books and Library Materials. His placement is with the University of Leiden Library in The Netherlands.

KELLY GRIMSHAW – is studying at The University of Lincoln for a Graduate Diploma in Conservation Studies. She has a placement to study a variety of conservation disciplines at Västarvet, Studio Västsvensk Konservering in Gothenburg, Sweden.

JANAY LAUDAT – has a Masters in Conservation from Camberwell College of Art. She is currently working at the National Library of Ireland in Dublin. The award will enable her to take up a placement “Recreating the Medieval Palette” at The Montefiascone Conservation Project in Italy.

EVA MARIA CATIC – is a student at Glasgow University, taking the MPhil in Textile Conservation. Her chosen travel will be a 12-week placement at The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

RACHEL COLLINS – is a student at Camberwell College of Arts, taking an MA in Conservation (Art on Paper). Her chosen placement will be at The National Library of Spain in Madrid.

CHARLOTTE GRIMSDELL – is a Collections Care Assistant in the Parliamentary Archives at the House of Parliament. She intends to study stiff-board bookbinding at The Montefiascone Conservation Project in Italy.

SEAN HENDERSON – is studying at York College and is an apprentice stonemason. His placement will be increasing his stone masonry knowledge at Ulm Minster in Germany.

CAMILLA ROONEY – is a graduate of the MSc in the Conservation of Historic Buildings at Bath University. She currently works at the Moretonhampstead Development Trust. Her placement will be on a built heritage conservation training programme at Banffy Castle, in Romania.