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Scholars Reports

After returning home, each scholar is asked to give the Trustees a powerpoint presentation and a written report of their study trip. A selection of these reports can be seen by clicking below.

Adelhaid Hansen 2017

Malakatza Stupa, Zangla – Zanskar Province- Ladakh Northern India

Hannah Winn 2017

Malakatza Stupa, Zangla – Zanskar Province- Ladakh Northern India

Daisy Graham 2017

Textile Conservation Placement at the Palais Galliera: Musée de la mode de Paris.

Kathryn Cook 2017

Archaeological Conservation Internship
The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Garcia Vedrenne 2017

Centre de Documentació i Museu Tèxtil

Mathilde Renauld 2017

A Six-Week Internship in Paper Conservation at Atelier del Restauro, a Private Conservation Studio in Mosta, Malta

Kimberly Roche 2017

Conservation of Marine Archaeological artifacts from USS Monitor at the Mariners’ Museum and Park, Virgina, USA

Jordan Megyery 2017

Paper conservation placement at The Amsterdam City Archives, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bryce Lewis 2017

Wooden Architecture Conservation and Restoration
Petrozavodsk and Kizhi Island, Russian Federation

Cecilia Duminco 2017

Bookbinding workshop at the Seminario Barbarigo, Montefiascone, Italy

Becky Doonan 2017

Textile Conservation at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Jennifer Brunton 2017

MLitt Technical Art History,
The Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio, USA.

Ruby Antonowicz-Behnan 2016

Textile Conservation Placement at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Kiri Douglas 2016

Conservation of Historic Objects at Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and Memorial.

Scott MacAskill 2016

Traditional masonry works at Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway.

Keira Miller 2016

Textile Conservation Intern At Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

Rosie Nuttall 2016

MPhil Textile Conservation 1st Year Placement, Artlab Australia, Adelaide, South Australia.

Chloe Pearce 2016

Archaeological Conservation, Çatalhöyük, Turkey.

Katharine Waldron 2016

Twentieth-century oil paint recipes by Talens, and issues in modern oil paintings.

Lisa Clayton 2015

Conservation of Japanese Urushi Craft at Tsurumi University, Japan.

Jan Cutajar 2015

At Laetoli Laboratory, Leakey Camp, Oldupai Gorge, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania.

Abigail Duckor 2015

Conservation of Archaeological Stone and Organic Artefacts with Olduvai Geochronology and Archaeology Project In Tanzania

Erin Murphy 2015

Conservation of Nepalese Wall Painting.

Kelly Murray 2015

Stone conservation Ceglie Messapica, Puglia, Italy.

Chenelle Rodrigues 2015

Straw Bale Building with Clay & Lime Plastering, Poland.

Puneeta Sharma 2015

Recreating the Medieval Palette: a pigment workshop at the Seminario Barbarigo, Montefiascone, Italy.

Hannah Sutherland 2015

Textile Conservation at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada.

Tom Vowden 2015

Stained Glass Conservation at The Glass Studio, Mumbai, India.

Kate Aughey 2014

Furniture Conservation.

Samantha Cawson 2014

Paper Conservation Internship at Teylers Museum, Haarlem, Netherlands

Ceilidh Colburn 2014

Conservation of Architectural Decorative Surfaces.

Sally Higgs 2014

Asian Painting Conservation, Nishio Conservation Studio, Washington D.C

Laura Martin 2014

Conservation, restoration and documentation of archaic and classical greek pottery.

Martin Nadvornik 2014

Wood Graining and Marbling in Furniture Conservation with Atelier Nadaï, Gers, Southwest France.

Catherine Williams 2014

Archaeological Site Workshops, Stobi FYROM.

Sara Brown 2013

Archaeological Conservation Internship The American School of Classical Studies in Athens Ancient Agora Excavation.

Eliza Doherty 2013

Wall paintings conservation in Lachen Manilhakhang, North Sikkim, India.

Maria Katarzyna Grabowska 2013

Textile Conservation At Wawel Royal Castle, Cracow, Poland.

Francesca Guiducci 2013

Architectural Conservation At Dangeil Archaeological Site, Sudan.

Ffion Howells 2013

Icon Conservation At the St Petersburg State Academic Institute of Art, Russia.

Grace Osbourne 2013

Easel Painting Conservation La Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.

Corrie Tubman 2013

Fresco and Mural Conservation in Puglia.

Isabelle Vaudrey 2013

Sculpture Conservation at the The Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Brazil.

Melany Wan 2013

Metal Sculpture and Religious Artefact Conservation.

Sarah Benson 2012

Textile Conservation Placement At le Musee Galliera de la Mode de la Ville de Paris, France.

Kate Blair 2012

Textile Conservation Royal British Columbia Museum.

Emily Hick 2012

Paper Conservation, At the Heritage Conservation Centre, Singapore.

Francisca Alejandra Lucero Juez 2012

Textile Conservation, At the Abegg-Stiftung, in Riggisberg, Switzerland.

Francis Lukezic 2012

Conservation of Archaeological Objects.

Kristina Mandy 2012

Easel Paintings Conservation at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly Prince of Wales Museum) Mumbai, India.

Nora Meller 2012

Textile Conservation At Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Florence, Italy.

Sarah Elizabeth Noble 2012

Paper Conservation At National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia and the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia.

Pearl O’Sullivan 2012

Painting Conservation At the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly Prince of Wales Museum) Mumbai, India.

Nikki Chard 2011

Textile Conservation At Te Papa Tongarewa, Museum of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand.

Makiko Tsunoda 2011

Paper and Book Conservation At Conservation Treatment Division, California, United States of America.

Julie Sommerfeldt 2011

Conservation of Parchment Bindings At centro del bel libro, Ascona, Switerland.

Fiona Rutka 2011

The Analysis of Organic Materials in the Paintings of Tudor Britain at the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE), Amsterdam.

Heather Maxwell Dowling 2011

Panagia Vlaherna Conservation Project Romiri, Zakynthos, Greece.

Cerys Fry 2011

Altarpiece Conservation Grupo Oficina De Restauro, Conselheiro Lafaiete, Brazil

Brenna Cook 2011

Textile Conservation of Costume Musée Galliera, Paris, France.

Therese Malm 2010

A work placement at the ethnographical and maritime archaeological conservation at the Western Australian Museum in Fremantle, Australia.

Jessica Pollard 2010

A work placement in paper conservation at the City Archives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Ciarán Lavelle 2010

Archaeological Conservation Agora Excavations, Athens, Greece.

Isabel Gondar 2010

The South African Institute for Objects Conservation in Conservation of Ceramics

Marie-Luise Linke 2009

A work placement in stone conservation and restoration at the mosque of Amir Aqsunqur (the Blue Mosque), in Cairo, Egypt.

Gabriella Macaro 2009

Easel Paintings Conservation At The Metropolitan Museum, New York, USA.

Emily Baker Derse 2009

Paper Conservation At The Asian Arts Museum, San Francisco, USA.

Aniza Figueiroa Leitao 2009

Textile conservation placement at ArtLab, Adelaide, South Australia.

Rita Morais 2008

Textile Conservation at Paulista Museum, São Paulo and Afro-Brazilian Museum, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

Rebecca Schult 2008

On her visit to Vienna, Austria to undertake a six week placement with Museum of Ethnology.

Jessica Crann 2008

The conservation of paper based objects at the Art Gallery of New South Wales Sydney, Australia.

Carla Flack 2008

On her visit to Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark to work in the Conservation of Sculpture and Contemporary Art Department

Andrea Walker 2008

A work placement with the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest in Sigri, Lesvos Island, Greece.

Matt Brack 2007

The conservation of paintings and works on paper at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco June 11-July 27, 2007

Bryony Finn 2007

Contemporary Art and Sculpture Intern at the Statens Museum for Kunst, Denmark

Prof James D Floyd 2007

On visit to Malta GC, in November 2007 to study the conservation of buildings, carved stonework and other architectural materials, with particular emphasis on heraldic panels.

Rosanna Daubney 2006

Study Trip to Villa La Pietra, New York University, Florence, Italy

Idries Trevathan 2005

Study trip in Washington DC, United States of America.

Jane Wallis 2003

Conservation and Restoration of Portuguese Architectural Ceramic Tiles.

John-Paul Walker 2003

The growing conservation movement of India.